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Quitting Your Job To Live a Life of Purpose with Mandy Price, Kanarys, Inc.

Entrepreneur Mandy Price joins Brenda to discuss how she left her partner position at a law firm to start her own business from scratch: Kanarys, Inc.

Kanarys is a technology company that uses data to change workplace culture around diversity, equity, and inclusion. In running Kanarys, Mandy has helped change the culture of more than 1000 companies across the United States.

Are you living a life of purpose? Listen to Walk with Me-Brenda Teele podcast and hear how Mandy took a leap of faith and followed her passion. Today, she is making corporate America more of a meritocracy.

“We see where people end up and don’t think about where they started,” Mandy Price


Connect with Mandy Price: Website | Instagram

Connect with Brenda: Instagram | Website

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